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Odalisque by Cire Trudon


Introducing Cire Trudon's Odalisque

Enclosed in citrus and wood bark, the orange blossom weaves a painter’s dream from which escapes the pale volute of smoke from a narghile. As an orientalist painting, furiously romantic, the vigorous scent of the cade, and solar splinter of citrus fruits, come out as a thin blade in the silky shadow of vanilla.

Head: Lemon, Orange 

Heart: Orange blossom 

Base: Cade, Vanilla


Contained within a beautiful hand-blown glass vessel, this 100% vegetal based wax candle with pure cotton wick is biodegradable, allergen free and contains no pesticides.

Weight of Perfumed Candle: 270gms

Burn Time: approximately 55-65 hours 


Odalisque by Cire Trudon
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  • Odalisque by Cire Trudon
  • Odalisque by Cire Trudon